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 How to remove scratches from glass?

Allow our QiGong Work Professionals  to repair your glass with our practice.


Hard Water Stain Removal

High Rise Cleaning Operation

Dirty Hard Water Calcium Stained Glass is a breeze. Polishing is the way to go for a Brand New Look and a Perfect Shine.

 Interior & Exterior renewing for perfect clarity. 

Close The Deal With A Difference.


Deep Scratch Removal

Scratches can be seen on the surface of most glass, our careful resurfacing process easily removes scratches and smooths down edges on chipped glass for a finer surface. 

Our process takes the top layer of glass down into the depth of the scratchs for a newer look. Smoothing out this new layer and polishing the glass gives  the window a brand new and even surface for a better shine. 

Close the deal with a Brand New & Even Surface of Glass.

Glass is finally Polished for a Perfect Shine and Clean look!!!

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